Royal Gala, Galaxy Gala, Mondial Gala varieties are among the common varieties of the Gala Apple type. Gala is a crispy, large or medium sized, fleshy fruit, juicy, sweet apple. The ground is bright red on yellow or orange with orange and reddish stripes, and it is a mid-season apple variety. It has a high yield and a long shelf life. Gala type, which is suitable for Turkish taste, is an apple with high appeal. It is offered for sale directly from the branch between the first weeks of August and the first weeks of September. During this process, apples can be stored in cold storage until January. In addition, it can be preserved as fresh as the first day in controlled atmosphere storages until August.


It is a large, juicy, crunchy, fleshy and sweet apple variety. Regi is a reddish color on top of yellowish. It is a long-lasting product in terms of freshness and high quality with its perfect aroma. It is harvested close to the last weeks of October. Fuji apple can be stored in cold stores until July. Again, in controlled atmosphere tanks, it preserves its freshness on the first day for a long time like 12 months. The type of Fuji, which is suitable for the taste of the Turks, is also an apple with high appeal.

Scarlet Spur

Scarlet Spur is a large-medium, crispy, sweet, juicy fruit apple. The best known feature of Scarlet Spur apple is its early coloring. For this reason, it is a quality apple variety that is frequently preferred by the producer or consumer. Harvest time took place again in the first weeks of September.

Red Cheif

The white fruit is a fleshy, sweet, juicy and large-sized apple. Red Chief, a mid-season variety, is bright and red in color. Red Chief, which has a high yield and is one of the Red Delicious groups, is the most common type of this group. October can be sold directly in the first weeks of the same. It can also be kept fresh in cold storage until April, and in atmoster storages for a period of 10-12 months. This type of apple with high commercial value is a type that is consumed a lot in the Middle East market.


The middle part of the Starkrimson Apple variety is wide. The apple fruit, which generally takes a conical shape, is large. When it reaches the maturity of the eating, the dark red skin color becomes lighter. Starkrimson fruit stem is thick and short. Sweet, juicy and white fruit is fleshy. This type of apple, which is a little more durable, is stored for very long periods in cold storage.

Pink Lady

Pink Lady is a very vigorous apple species with high yield, semi-vertical trees. Also, Pink Lady is an apple of Australian origin. Specifically for its type, the fruits are in the form of long cylinders and their sizes are generally medium-sized. In the name of Pink Lady, it is pink in color on a yellow background. Unlike other types, this fruit reaches a wonderful aroma if consumed a few months after harvest. The most distinctive feature of Pink Lady is that it is preserved for a long time due to its hardness and is very suitable for long-distance travels.