The tree develops widely and with medium strength and matures early. (May 31), the fruit is large (6.31 gr.), The weight of the flesh is 5.83 gr. Net mesocarp ratio is 12.1 and it makes 3% fruit cracking, the tree yield is good. The fruit is hard, bright, dark red in color, wide heart-shaped and of very good quality. Its fruit is hard, bright, dark red in color, very little dependent on meat. Its trees are resistant to bacterial cancer and it is recommended to all regions where cherry is grown. Begarreao napoleon starking is pollinated with Hardy giant, Berryessa Bruno di Cesena, Edirne varieties. Universal Donnor (also pollinating all varieties that bloom) is a variety.

Early Burlat

The tree grows semi-vertical and strong. It ripens very early. The tree is very fruitful, has a good fruit flavor, is hard, bright red in color, a little elongated shape and a good quality cherry. The seed meat is very little dependent. It is a sterile variety, pollinators are Turfanda, Merton, Premier, Noir de Guben, Vista, Van, Bing and Bigarreai Neapolitan.


The tree develops semi-upright and strongly. It matures early (May 27), its fruit is large (5.62 gr), the weight of the flesh is 5.09 gr. The net mesocarp ratio is 9.6, it causes fruit cracking at a rate of 9%. Very good, very tasty fruit, very hard, bright red color, a little thin long shape and very good quality. The kernel is less dependent on meat. It is recommended to all regions where cherry is grown. It blooms in the middle season. It is a sterile variety and its pollinators are Noir de Guben, Vista and Beryyessa. It is a very resistant variety to cold.