Summer orange (Valencia) is actually an orange type of Spanish origin. We have been cultivating it in our gardens for years and consume it as the people of the region. It is also known as "summer orange" among the people in Finike. It begins to ripen in April and can be harvested until June. Its important feature is that it is a heat-resistant breed. Summer orange (Valencia) has a natural sour taste and a sour taste. It may have a small amount of seeds. It is oval in shape. It can be consumed both as a meal and as a squeeze; During the summer, summer orange juice is squeezed, drunk cold, and served throughout the region. You can add the juice and the peel to the summer lemonades for aroma. The fruit is very juicy and the skin is hard; For this reason, it is easily and comfortably squeezed. You can enjoy our Finike Valencia oranges, which we carefully collect from the branch in the season and then store in the cold storage.


The oranges we grow in our own gardens in Finike are Finike oranges with the title of "the most delicious orange in the world". The production method we use is controlled, biological and integrated agriculture. So; To destroy the harmful insects that damage the fruit in the garden with beneficial predators and to continue the struggle within the framework of the natural cycle. Finike orange (Washington type), which you can consume from our gardens in winter, begins to mature in November every year. It stays on its branch until the end of April. During this period, we will send you only the oranges we have grown in our own gardens and picked from their branches. We collect our grown oranges fresh from their branches with your order and send them to your address without applying any chemical preservatives. You will not be able to get enough of the taste of our carefully grown, fresh, natural and juicy orange. Enjoy your meal…

Sugar Orange

Sugar orange is one of the oranges with the least acidity. Sugar oranges that we grow in our gardens are juicy and sweet; It has a very different aroma. Since its acid rate is very low, it does not disturb the stomach and is easier to digest than other breeds. It is consumed especially by the elderly and young children since it does not irritate the stomach and has a low acid rate. Such that; The old Phoenician is the most favorite type of orange. Candy orange fruits are oval, small in diameter and with seeds. It can be consumed as a squeeze and a meal. You cannot find it everywhere nowadays. It is one of the forgotten oranges that are not grown everywhere but with a rare taste and feature that should not be forgotten.